Downtown Cancun Hotels

Cancun is perhaps the most popular place for people to visit in Mexico, with millions of people visiting each year. College students often flock to Cancun during Spring break, and families often enjoy visiting most any other time of year. However, before people leave for their vacation, they need to locate suitable accommodations first, and the following hotels and resorts are some of the best in Cancun.

Hotels and Resorts Close to Beaches

For people who want to relax on the lovely beaches of Cancun, there are many accommodations for them to choose among. The Oasis Hotel and Resort sits within the middle of Cancun among beautiful gardens on three sides and a breathtaking beach on the other. The Oasis is near many popular tourist areas in Cancun, and it offers many amenities to make guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

The Cancun Palace Resort offers easy access to shopping, as well as, one of the most lovely beaches on Cancun. The Palace is one of the most popular resorts in the area, as the staff treat all of their guests as if they are royalty. Visitors can choose to spend their day swimming at the beach or shopping in one of the many nearby shopping centers, and then they can spend their evening relaxing in the resort’s luxurious lounge.

The Crown Paradise Resort is one of the best family-friendly resorts in Cancun. Situated along the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean, Crown Paradise offers fun for the entire family. Not only can guests relax on one of the many lovely beaches nearby, but they can also choose to spend a day shopping at Cancun’s largest shopping center, which is just a short distance from the resort.

Hotels and Resorts Close to Shopping and Entertainment

The Royal Solaris Resort is one of the largest resorts in Cancun, which has more than 500 rooms and several villas on the grounds. This resort is another terrific place for families. Not only are there many shopping centers, restaurants, bars and theaters near the resort, but the Royal Solaris also has its own theater and several bars and restaurants.

The luxurious Sheraton Resort and Towers are not only close to the golden beaches of the Caribbean, but they also offer guests easy access to many popular sightseeing spots and cultural events. This is a spectacular place for couples to go if they want seclusion, but also want to be close to many fun and exciting places and events. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is nearby and is another terrific place for people to stay, especially if they want to enjoy Cancun’s exciting night life.

Most Popular Hotels and Resorts in Cancun

The Riu Cancun is perhaps one of the most popular and luxurious resorts in Cancun. The Riu offers many fabulous amenities to their guests, making their stay at the resort extremely enjoyable. This is one of the few resorts in Cancun that maintains a five-star rating among visitors and critics, alike. Located in Corazone, the Riu is near many fun attractions including shopping, theaters, dining and clubs.

The beautiful Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort offers not only fun to guests, but peace and seclusion, as well. This is a terrific place for golfers to vacation, as they can spend a day on the course, and then spend an afternoon relaxing in the spa. Moon Palace is just minutes from the golden beaches of the Caribbean, as well. Finally, the Avalon Grand Resort offers some of the best hospitality of any resort in Cancun. This is a four-star resort that treats guests with the utmost of care.

Those people, who want to spend their vacation in a place where there are beautiful beaches, plenty of warm sun and luxurious resorts, Cancun is the perfect choice. Cancun offers miles of magnificent, golden beaches and many luxurious resorts to choose among. While there are dozens of terrific accommodations in Cancun, the above resorts are some of the best.